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Our Management Philosophy

Despite significant differences, associations share three basic requirements: a need for dynamic leadership, effective management and tangible member benefits. Unfortunately, these critical elements are not always present in equal measure. Visionary leadership may be hampered by lack of resources or experience, crippling the development of vital member services. Perhaps needed member services are in place, but ineffective management prevents them from becoming truly effective. The causes are different, the results the same: the association fails in its most important mission – fulfilling member needs – simply because it lacks the proper tools. By applying creative solutions to an organization’s unique challenges, Marvin & Floyd Realty helps to ensure association member needs are met. With many years of association management experience, Marvin & Floyd Realty is the high quality choice for associations of all types.

Marvin & Floyd Realty is interested in a partnership to help you ensure programs and projects for your association are on target…on time…and on budget.

If our approach sounds interesting we would welcome the opportunity to discuss specifically how Marvin & Floyd Realty can contribute to your association’s future growth and success.

Marvin & Floyd Realty believes that providing the proper management to an Association centers around communication. comm-is-keyThe systems and personnel of Marvin & Floyd Realty are geared toward increasing communication between the three interrelated community groups.

  • Residents
  • Board Members
  • Management

Residents: There must be the ability for residents to communicate with the management company so that the management company can follow up and thereby earn the trust of the residents. Residents must feel that the board is sensitive to their needs and desires.

Board Members: The board and the management company must communicate to allow the board to make good decisions and the management company to implement them.

Management: One of management’s responsibilities is to promote communication as a means of accomplishing the goals of the community.