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If your community has a great volunteer base and does not require “full service” management, our flexibility allows our clients to choose only those services that the association requires. Go to our Request a Management Proposal page and obtain a proposal that caters to your association’s specific needs.

Board Meeting Coordination and Attendance:  Attend all Board meetings. Prepare meeting packages, to include agenda, minutes from the prior meeting, financial statement for the prior month, copies of proposals and other information that will be discussed at the meeting.

Annual & Budget Meeting Coordination & Attendance: Coordinate and attend the annual membership meeting and budget meeting.  Prepare notices, nomination forms, proxies, ballots and other appropriate documentation which are required to support the meeting.  Gather, implement and arrange the necessary materials, procedures and personnel to support the operation of the meeting.

Common Property Inspection:  Perform an inspection of the common property on at least a monthly basis to ensure that the property is in a clean and safe condition.  Generate a report to the Board regarding the findings of the inspection.  Follow through with the actions necessary to correct any discrepancies found.

Service Request Processing: Receive and record service requests for repairs or maintenance of the Association’s property in a computerized database to allow for efficient follow up and report generating capabilities. Arrange for prompt and satisfactory response to service requests for maintenance or repairs consistent with Board policy.

Contractor Bidding Procedures: Develop a competitive bidding process for projects and services where the cost will exceed amount designated by Board. Distribute bid specifications prepared by Board or specific committee to at least three interested, qualified and properly insured, prospective bidders. Submit bids along with recommendations to the Board regarding the bids received, adherence to specifications and information on past performance (if known), which will assist the Board’s decision.

Contract Development: Facilitate the Board’s final selection of contractors for projects and services. Assist the Board in preparing and negotiating contracts for projects and services. Provide certain recommended contract language for routine services with Board selected contractors. Obtain and maintain certificates of insurance from selected contractors providing routine services.

Routine Service Contractor Supervision: Coordinate the contractors providing routine services for the Association, including but not limited to services such as; trash removal, pest control, landscaping, janitorial etc. Monitor contractor performance to insure compliance with contract specifications. .

Amenities Management: Homeowners can check the availability and reserve the amenities through our website, using our on-line booking system. An e-mail can automatically be sent to the board and/or the amenities committee at the time of booking. Inspections of the amenities after use will be the responsibility of the board or committee, unless other arrangements are negotiated.

Emergency Services Program: Administer and insure a 24-hour, 7 day per week telephone call program to respond to Association related emergencies.


Budget Preparation: Prepare the initial draft of the annual budget for approval by Board. Assist the Board in the finalization of the annual budget by answering questions or obtaining additional relevant information. Adoption of each budget shall occur at least thirty days prior to its effective date. Prepare a mailing to owners of the approved budget in accordance with Association documents.

Collection of Maintenance Fees: Prepare coupon booklets for each existing owner, which will be mailed prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. Additionally, coupon books for the remainder of the first calendar year of ownership, shall be supplied to all new owners upon their purchase of the home.

Accounts Receivable: Receive and process the monthly, quarterly or annual owner assessments, special assessments or other fees owed to the Association.

Assessment Records: Maintain a monthly record of assessment billings, charges, adjustments and payments as received. Respond to owners regarding their individual accounts on a timely basis.

Delinquency Processing: Process delinquent accounts consistent with the Association’s governing documents and Board policy. Administer the delinquency procedure by charging monthly late fees and/or interest and mail delinquency letters to owners on a monthly basis.  Provide all necessary information to, and cooperate with the Association’s attorney, after accounts have been turned over for further processing.      .

Invoice/Disbursement Procedures: Receive and review all Association invoices. Upon approval by the Board (if required by Board policy), prepare checks for payment of Association expenses. Maintain vendor files containing payment and invoice information. Issue annual 1099 Forms to qualified Association vendors, consistent with IRS guidelines.

Financial Reports: Prepare and maintain the records necessary to produce monthly computerized financial statements. Provide the Board with a copy of the following each month:

      • Balance Sheet – lists assets and liabilities as of the end of the month.
      • Revenue & Expense Statement – lists income and expenses showing the month’s activity and year to date activity.
      • Unexpended Budget Report- lists income and expenses showing the month’s activity, month’s budget, month’s variance, year-to-date activity, year-to-date budget and year-to-date variance.
      • Delinquency Report – list of owners that are delinquent and the amount that is delinquent, on an aged basis.
      • Invoice Detail Report- listing of all invoices received and processed.
      • Check Register – listing of all checks processed.
      • Accounts Payable Report – listing of all outstanding payables on an aged basis (accrual accounting only).
      • Prepaid Schedule – listing all prepaid expenses (accrual accounting only).
      • Advanced Assessments Received Report – list all owners that have paid in advance.

Distribute copies of the financial reports to the Board no later than the fifteenth of the following month. Other financial reports are available upon request at no additional charge.

Audit/Tax Preparation: If your Association is required to prepare a Compiled Financial Statement or have a Review or Audit performed, the Manager shall cooperate with the Association’s independent Certified Public Accountant, by providing all necessary records to aid the CPA in completion of the appropriate task. All CPA recommended adjustments will be made to the Association’s records. The CPA will also file the necessary Federal and State tax returns.


Files and Records: Develop and maintain a filing system of the association’s important papers including, but not limited to, contracts, minutes, resident communications, public agency filings, financial information, insurance policies, resolutions, and legal documents. The Association’s books and records will be made available for inspection by any owner or mortgage holder upon reasonable notice, during regular business hours at Manager’s regular office location.

Communications: Prepare general correspondence dealing with routine operational matters between the Association and residents, contractors, agents, government officials, or other entities. Arrange for the mailing or other distribution of Notices required by the Documents or directed by the Board, including but not limited to Notice of Annual Meetings, Notice of Elections, etc.

Insurance Administration: Assist the Board in purchasing and maintaining the appropriate insurance policies to include, Property, Wind, Liability, Flood, Crime and Umbrella policies. Receive and report to the insurance agent any known incident which may result in an insurance claim for which the Association may have responsibility. Report to the Board any accidents, fires, or other claims related to the management, maintenance or operation of the Association’s property. Prepare the necessary information to assist the insurance carrier in the event of a workers compensation audit.

Rules Enforcement:  Utilization of our computerized violation tracking program, which shall be updated as necessary with information gathered during our monthly inspection of the property and complaints received from residents. inform, in writing, all owners whose property is found to be in violation of the Covenants and Restrictions and/or the Rules and Regulations. All letters sent, responses received and other activities related to the resolution of each violation shall also be logged.

Assist the Association in the refinement and/or development of the rules, regulations, architectural review guidelines and a rules compliance procedure.

Policy Development: Inform the Association concerning significant and relevant legislation, insurance, financial practices, court decisions, or tax rulings pertaining to community associations. Offer advice and direction to the Board regarding their governing process and responsibilities.

Unit Transition Services: Provide basic information about the Association as requested by a seller, prospective buyer, or agent. Prepare the necessary correspondence, including payment status information, which will facilitate closings. Upon receipt of notification of a sale of a unit or home, the Manager shall prepare the necessary records and files required for accurate assessment billing and other communications.

Professional Services Coordination: Upon request, the Manager will provide assistance to the Board in the selection of consultants and other professionals to accomplish specialized functions for the Association in such areas as engineering, law or public accounting.